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Trust is the Climate for Fruitfullness

posted Apr 12, 2013, 12:55 PM by Brent Heishman
According to Jesus' Story in Matthew 25, a man went on a journey and ENTRUSTED his wealth to 3 servants. One servant did not receive the bag of gold with which he was ENTRUSTED with TRUST but instead was suspicious of the owners motives. The two other servants TRUSTED the owner and went to work increasing the wealth of their employer.  The TRUST that the owner placed in 2 of his servants was very fruitful. Each of them increased his wealth by 100 percent. The DISTRUSTING servant was not fruitful. However, by sowing trust in his servants, the owner increased his wealth from 8 bags of gold to 15 bags. It is interesting to see the owner's response to the servant who broke TRUST with him. He took the bag of gold from him and gave it to the servant who had created the most wealth for him. 

Sometimes we quit TRUSTING when TRUST is broken. The owner still ENTRUSTED his wealth to the care of his servants but he was careful to sow TRUST back into his company by giving the recovered bag of gold to the most fruitful servant he had. 
Sometimes we ENTRUST precious assets to people who have proven themselves to be UNTRUSTWORTHY and DISTRUSTING of us. When they disappoint us again, the temptation to be suspicious even of TRUSTWORTHY people seeks to infect us. Suspicion is the soup of fruitlessness. The owner did not want to be fruitless. He did not want to sow DISTRUST into his company. So He ENTRUSTED his TRUSTED servant with the gold.

What lessons can we learn from Jesus' Story?